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Souvren Below

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Souvren Below

Even if a foreign state has explicitly or implicitly waived its immunity from the jurisdiction of a US court to adjudicate a dispute, that waiver does not automatically also extend to the state's immunity from enforcement of any subsequent judgment against the state, as discussed below.96

MUMBAI (Reuters) - India sold its first sovereign green bonds worth a total of 80 billion rupees ($979.61 million) on Wednesday, at yields below comparable government bonds, the central bank said in a statement.

The RBI auctioned 40 billion rupees of five-year bonds at a coupon rate of 7.10%, five basis points below the five-year sovereign yield. Another 40 billion rupees in 10-year bonds were sold at a 7.29%, six basis points below comparable government securities.

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"Below Waterline: Precise information is lacking. The only confirmed colour is Peacocks & Buchan's antifouling grey in 1920 and 1925. For the remainder of the time period, no colour was specified. Additional details follow below.1920-1936: As commissioned, Hood's bottom, to include the propeller shafts and rudder was anti-fouling grey (per ADM 136/13). Painting details are scarce, but she is also known to have had grey bottom paint in 1925. Based on the manufacturer used, we assume she remained grey, but we cannot rule out the possibility that Hood may have also had a black bottom during some periods. We are fairly confident that she was not red below her waterline.Wartime/As Sunk: We have no confirmed colour information. We assume Hood was still using anti-fouling grey based on her previous history and her wreck (the stern appears dark grey/faded black underneath and shows no sign of red). There is anecdotal evidence to suggest black was used, but its also possible that it was dark grey.Detailing Suggestion: Although she tended to have her bottom re-coated annually, the coating did get very worn over the course of the year. As a result, unless you are modelling Hood as "freshly painted" you might want to slightly lighten and/or weather the underside with a bit of grey. You can also add worn spots as well as chipping, barnacles and sea grasses if you so fancy."

Any national data not available in this consolidated registry, can be accessed via the links below to the national registers of authorised UCITS managment companies. ESMA draws users' attention to the fact that some hyperlinks do not give direct access to the list of UCITS management companies authorised. Also, investors should note that for some competent authorities the information is only available in the national language.

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