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Ellen Allien And Apparat Orchestra Of Bubbles Rar

Ellen Allien and Apparat: Orchestra of Bubbles - A Review

Orchestra of Bubbles is a collaborative album by Berlin-based electronic music artists Ellen Allien and Apparat, released in 2006 on BPitch Control. The album is a fusion of Allien's melodic, electro-infused techno and Apparat's often melancholic, detail-packed, granular bit-crunchings. It is an immersive record that captures both the earthly and the aerial aspects of electronic music, creating a simultaneous come-up and come-down experience. The album received critical acclaim from various publications, such as Pitchfork, which gave it an 8.5 rating and praised its engineering and stylistic range.

The album consists of 13 tracks, each with its own distinctive character and mood. The opening track, Turbo Dreams, sets the tone with a rush and whir of synths and beats, followed by Way Out, a more subdued and atmospheric piece. Retina features complex strings arrangements that contrast with the electronic elements, while Rotary is a catchy and upbeat electro-pop tune. Jet is a long and hypnotic track that builds up tension and release, while Sleepless is a minimalist and glitchy interlude. Metric showcases the influence of dubstep on the Berlin scene, with a wobbling bassline and strings. Floating Points is a dreamy and ethereal track that floats above the ground, while Under is a dark and brooding piece that plunges into the depths. Do Not Break is a powerful and energetic track that breaks the rules, while Leave Me Alone is a melancholic and introspective piece that expresses the desire for solitude. Edison is a playful and quirky track that experiments with sounds and rhythms, while Bubbles closes the album with a soothing and relaxing ambient dub piece.


Orchestra of Bubbles is an album that showcases the talents and chemistry of Ellen Allien and Apparat, two of the most influential figures in the Berlin electronic music scene. It is an album that transcends genres and boundaries, creating a unique and captivating sound that appeals to both the head and the heart. It is an album that deserves to be listened to in its entirety, as each track contributes to the overall narrative and emotion of the record. It is an album that can be downloaded as a rar file from various sources , or streamed online from platforms such as YouTube. It is an album that will not disappoint fans of electronic music, or anyone looking for a sonic adventure.


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