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Video Sex Bed Post

So she's not hating on the artist, she just doesn't like the product. For her, the problem is all in the naked wax figures of women she considers friends. And although I can see her point about the "grainy roving camera" being akin to "snuff porn," as Dunham wrote, her post feels more like a defense of Taylor Swift, her friend, than anything else.

video sex bed post

Which is sort of what Kanye's video is all about, if you want to look at it that way. Dunham has a point about the representation of the female body. But she openly admits to not being able to watch the parts with Taylor Swift because of their friendship and, presumably, the conflict between the pop star and Kanye. Her Facebook post is titled "Peeking From Between My Fingers," and that seems to have been exactly what she did: she didn't really watch it and was annoyed by the concept to begin with.

As the book opens, a married couple is in their forest cabin. They're ready to play an S&M sex game. She's on the bed, and her wrists are cuffed to the bed posts. She realizes she's tired of this game, but she can't get her husband to stop as he forces himself on her. She kicks him where it hurts most. He collapses, suffers a heart attack and dies. And she's alone, cuffed to the bed in the middle of the woods. Now the horror really begins.

GROSS: Right, right, right. So you got the corniness and the danger of this kind of S&M sex play. Let's get, Stephen King, to the kind of gore and terror and suspense that you create. There's a scene in "Gerald's Game," your new novel, that I'd like you to read from. And this is a scene in which the wife is still handcuffed to the bedpost. Her husband is laying dead on the floor. And a stray, vicious dog from the area has walked into the house and has started dining on the woman's dead husband. Would you read it for us?

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