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Buy Oakley Polarized Sunglasses NEW!

Thanks for joining; your exclusive Oakley Pro Site discount is available anytime at Your annual purchase limit is $5,000. Once you have purchased $5,000 of gear, your discount will be deactivated until the following year. If you have any questions, please send an email to

buy oakley polarized sunglasses

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Upgrade or repair your Oakley sunglasses with replacement lenses from Revant, designed to match the quality of your original Oakley lenses at a fraction of the cost of new sunglasses. So, why pay for a new pair when you can get Oakley replacement lenses? Find your Oakley frames today and be on your way to selecting new lenses.

Oakley sunglasses with Prizm lenses come with a variety of options to best suit your sport of choice. Want mirrored lenses to shun more sunlight? Reach for a style with iridium lenses—the special metal oxide coating reduces glare, light transmission, and reflection for a better visual experience in high-light environments. You can select the lens with the appropriate Visible Light Transmission (VTL) for the conditions you expect to encounter. Oakley Prizm sunglasses are also available in prescription lenses.

Days on the diamond just got easier on your eyes: Prizm Field enhances contrast to make the baseball stand out against the blue sky or green grass. Choose between lenses tailored for infield or outfield for the ideal contrast to spot every pop fly. Oakley Radar EV Pitch sunglasses are ready for fly balls and batting practice.

Mountain bikers are in and out of the shade, heading over roots and gravel, and need to keep an eye out for subtle transitions in dirt conditions. Prizm Trail lenses are built to take on these challenges. This lens enhances reds and browns so you can quickly spot hazards on the trail. Get out there and shred in Oakley Flight Jacket Prizm Trail sunglasses.

Both lenses in a single pair of Oakley sunglasses are manufactured at the same time toperfectly align and center the axis of polarization. Doing so prevents unwanted and distractiveglare from sneaking through any part of the lens.

Want to know if that super inexpensive pair of Oakley sunglasses you have are real? There are plenty of knockoffs out there so don't be fooled! We are here to help you identify your sunglasses and tell if they are authentic or not. Tyler and Andrew let you know everything you need to know in the video below.

Are you looking for a new pair of Oakley sunglasses but don't know which ones to get? We have a complete guide to the Best Oakley Sunglasses of 2019 to help you find your new favorite frames. Continue on to learn more techniques to identify fake Oakley sunglasses.

The most obvious way that you can tell if you have fake Oakleys is by how much you paid for them. If you bought the sunglasses far below MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) then there is a good chance they are not authentic. MSRP is set at a specified amount for each style to ensure the retailer gets a proper margin for the wholesale price they paid for the sunglasses. Cutting MSRP beyond a reasonable amount should always be a red flag.

All Oakley authentic sunglasses will come in a cardboard box. The cardboard boxes we sampled were pretty decent replicas of the real box, but they did not have any labels/bar codes on the outside of the box to identify what is inside the box. Imitators have used Oakley logos on their boxes but they are often grainy and low resolution.

Every authentic Oakley PRIZM sunglass will have either 'PRIZM', 'POLARIZED', or 'PRIZM P' etched into the lens. Any non-prescription Oakley sunglass with an 'O' on the lens is fake. However, if you order a Oakley prescription sunglass, it will come with the 'O' etching on the lens. If your sunglasses have non-PRIZM lenses there will be no markings on the lens.

Some fakes have stickers on the lenses. A 'P' sticker is common, and this does not indicate a polarized lens. Other stickers are made to look like lens etchings but when you run your finger along the edge of the sticker you can clearly tell that it is not an etching. Also, the stickers on fake Oakleys will often leave residue on the lens itself.

O Matter is Oakley's proprietary frame material which is used in most Oakley sunglasses. It is a pre-dyed nylon-based material which means that the color of the frame will always be true along any edges or hinges. Fake frames may chip or flake and appear to be a different color on the inside of the hinges.

Oakley High Definition Optics provide the utmost clarity in your sunglasses. Conventional sunglass lenses may warp images or make them appear larger than they are. Oakley authentic lenses give you a truer and more accurate view of your surroundings with none of the fuzzy or blurred distraction.

Whether you're mountain biking, cycling, skiing, running, climbing or just driving, your eyes need the sort of crystal-clear protection Oakley Flak Jacket 009008 Polarized Sunglasses provide. Oakley designed their Flak Jacket sunglasses with interchangeable nose pads, so you can pick the size that gives you the most comfortably precise fit. And to ensure these lightweight Oakley sunglasses stay secure at all times, the nose pad and temple tips are made from Unobtainium, which actually increases gripping power with perspiration. These rugged sunglasses allow lenses to be interchanged for superior customization (additional lenses not included) and their semi-rimless design ensures the frames don't block your view when lookin down. The O-Matter frame material is engineered to withstand the abuse and meets all ANSI Z87.1 standards for high-mass and high-velocity impact protection. Polarized Plutonite lenses boast High Definition Optics (HDO) to maintain precise clarity at all angles of vision and safeguard your eyes from 100% of UV rays and harmful blue light. Includes electrostatic Microclear bag for cleaning and storage. Made in USA. Manufacturer style #: OO9008.

Polarized sunglasses have been around for several years now, and are widely used by fishermen and boaters. Oakley polarized sunglasses have specialized lenses with a special filter that helps in cutting glare, which is basically the light reflected from the surfaces. Other than this, they provide comfort and additional visibility, especially if a person is engaged in an outdoor activity.

People who wear polarized sunglasses complain that they have trouble looking at LCDs clearly, and make reading difficult. Therefore, polarized sunglasses are not recommended for driving because they need to read the signboards while driving.

An additional advantage of polarized sunglasses is that it offers UV protection against the sun. However, one must not assume that if a lens is polarized, then it will offer protection against radiation too. Oakley polarized sunglasses are made from impact-resistant material known as polycarbonate.

The original Oakley Half Jacket became an irreplaceable tool for athletes, and version 2.0 takes that proud heritage to the next level of design. Performance, protection and comfort are sculpted into a new dimension of style. These Oakley sunglasses have a interchangeable lens design that keeps you a step ahead of changing light conditions.

Designed by Shaun White and his brother Jesse White, these Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are timeless classics, drawing inspiration from vintage styles like the original Oakley Frogskins. Featuring black frames, metal bolts, icons that highlight the stress-resistant O MATTER frames and PLUTONITE gold lenses used to filter out the UV rays, these sunglasses will give you that Hollywood look with unparalleled comfort.

Oakley sets the industry standard for making athletic sunglasses that are both highly functional and fashionable. The Oakley Radar EV Path polarized sunglasses are designed with athletes in mind, providing 100% UV protection. The best part is they are available in a variety of colors to match any style.

If you are looking for Oakley Sunglasses at a reasonable price, then look no further than Shades Daddy. They have a wide range of sunglasses of different popular brands and offer the best deals in town.

The Oakley Fuel Cell (Product Link) is a fantastic everyday pair of sunglasses. Featuring a lightweight frame and a variety of Polarized, Prizm, and Prizm Polarized lenses, you can find exactly what you want.

The Flak 2.0 (Product Link) is a classic pair of sports polarized sunglasses. And thanks to its half-rim lightweight design, these sunglasses continue to be one of our favorites year after year. Plus, the Unobtainium earsocks and nosepads for maximum grip make this one of our favorite baseball and golf sunglasses.

A classic Oakley frame, Holbrook (Product Link) sunglasses look great on almost anyone, especially medium to large faces. And with a lightweight O matter frame, these sunglasses are comfortable all day and sweat-resistant.

Oakley Forum is the largest and most reliable platform for Oakley news, updates and any information you are looking for about Oakley sunglasses and other products. Join today, share your Oakley collection or even find new Oakley sunglasses for sale. Oakley Forum is NOT affiliated with Oakley, Inc. in any way, shape, or form. All opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of Oakley, Inc.

Oakleys are a brand of sunglasses that were originally designed for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. The lenses are made of a material that is designed to reduce glare and improve clarity. Many people believe that Oakleys are polarised, meaning that they reduce glare from sunlight reflecting off of surfaces such as water or snow.

The lenses in polarized sunglasses are made with special filters that help to reduce glare, which is essentially light reflected by the surfaces. A material known as polycarbonate, which is impact resistant, is used in the fabrication of polarized sunglasses. Some of the top-quality Oakley sunglasses are listed below. In addition to their retro-inspired design, the Holbrook sunglasses draw inspiration from the original Oakley Frogskins. The Radar EV Path polarized sunglasses by Oakley are designed with athletes in mind to provide 100% UV protection. Shades Daddy has the best selection of sunglasses at the best prices, with a wide variety of brands from which to choose. 041b061a72


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