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PATCHED Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 6000 For Vista

Installing the driver can be done in different ways. The simplest one can be used for installing PNP devices. Copy the installation package onto the hard disk (possibly via a setup program), and plug in the device. This might require a shutdown and restart, if the device is not hot-swappable. The other solution is to use the 'Add hardware' applet in the Control Panel. Either way, follow the installation wizard, browse to the location where the INF file is located, and continue installation. What you might want to do is have the debug monitor running during the device installation. As soon as the device is started, you can see the debug statements scrolling by in the output windows.

PATCHED Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 6000 For Vista

The directory hierarchy in the Virtual Store is exactly the same it would be without virtualization. I guess you have already figured out how it works.Just like for the File System, there's also a registry virtualization. Everything written in the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software will actually be stored under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\VirtualStore\Software.What you should keep in mind is that eveyrthing that might affect other users is no longer possible in a standard execution of your software. This means, apart from the things said above, you won't be able to load drivers, modify certain files (maybe not even read them), modify or read specific registry keys/values, access certain global objects, enumerate or modify the memory of processes which run with higher privileges than you do, etc. And you won't even be able to enumerate or send messages to windows created by those processes. This prevents exploits we have already seen in the past. There's a very good MSDN paper (Developer Best Practices and Guidelines for Applications in a Least Privileged Environment) about the UAC and its conseguences for developers, it's a detailed explanation of everything I tried to say here in short.

Hey,thanks for this. I still use xp64 on an haswell i3, with 8 gigs of ram. Its just simple,works beautifully,no compositing,nomodern apps,or such.Hint for some > windows vista 64 MSE 4.4.304 from filehippo,for ex,works perfect on XP64,updates,and detects .


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