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BLACKPINK THE GAME: Everything You Need to Know About the Game Features and Modes

Yes, BLACKPINK THE GAME is a free game. You won't have to pay to install it or to play it, but keep in mind that the game contains ads and in-app purchases so you can get different items and benefits.

Today (April 4), the K-pop girl group released the first in-game footage of their upcoming mobile game. The trailer opens with shots of the girl group in real life, before transitioning to footage from the game.

blackpink the game

Download apk:

Fans can now pre-register for BLACKPINK The Game on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The mobile game is expected to launch in the second quarter of 2023, according to South Korean news outlet Korean JoongAng Daily.

Blackpink The Game is a popular mobile game in the world of band management. Having you manage the real-life South Korean K-Pop band, Blackpink, the game will task you with being both the producer and managing your own agency - solving puzzles, playing mini-games, and customising members.

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That's everything you need to know about Blackpink The Game codes. By following the steps above, you should be able to enjoy an enviable collection of free loot in your game of choice. Remember, these codes are regularly updated.

Collaborations between K-Pop groups and mobile games are quite frequent, which is normal considering the popularity of phone gaming in South Korea. After Cookie Run Kingdom's BTS cookies, a new group is launching on mobile with the opening of the pre-registration for Blackpink The Game. Let's find out together how to pre-register for the game, what gameplay it will offer when it's released, the potential release date, the official trailer and everything you need to know about Blackpink The Game's arrival on mobile.

The game has only just been announced but we already know that Blackpink The Game will be released on Android and iOS to reach as many mobile players as possible. The game's publisher, TakeOne Company, also released a match-3 recently called Pucca Puzzle Adventure which is receiving excellent ratings from players.

In parallel to the announcement, the official website of the game has just opened and traces the beginning of the story that puts you in command of the group Blackpink. You'll also find promotional visuals for the pre-registrations to Blackpink the Game, but to know if you're interested in the game, I let you watch the trailer.

Here's what you need to know about Blackpink the Game and its upcoming release: you play as Blackpink's manager in a virtual universe populated by chibi characters. In terms of gameplay, you will be able to expand a house with more and more colorful rooms that will serve to develop the influence of the group and its activities. The game features a variety of outfits to try on to create a star look, mini-games, exclusive media content and specialized departments such as singing and acting. In a mix of puzzles, merge and photocards, the release of Blackpink The Game is a pure cocktail of fan service for all Blinks.

You can already pre-register for Blackpink The Game on Appstore and Google Play. The release date of the game is indicated in May on iOS, but this is a purely indicative date. In fact, this date can be completely changed and, without a direct announcement from publisher TakeOne Company or the female K-pop group, the release date of Blackpink The Game has yet to be made official.

Due to the potential of there being many individual posts about game-related topics, this megathread will now be the place to discuss or ask about BLACKPINK THE GAME. All succeeding posts regarding the game will be removed and directed here instead.

Become BLACKPINK's producer and manage your own agency, solve puzzles to clear schedules for BLACKPINK.Customize your members with stunning outfits and play mini-games with your friends in BLACKPINK WORLD.

Every day, the game offers a variety of ad-based freebies. These include diamonds, albums, BPW tickets, random market items, normal gacha, speed boosts, and coins. Remember to watch the ads and claim these freebies daily to maximize your resources and enhance your gameplay.

This game allows players to step into the shoes of virtual managers for the group, offering a unique opportunity to interact with the members, participate in their careers, and engage in exciting collaborations.

The game, announced earlier this year, will launch on the global market and follows the standard format of idol games, with the player taking the role of a manager for the real-life idols in the BLACKPINK group. Takeone also promises an exclusive music video by the real-life band will be revealed in-game to accompany the soundtrack which features tracks from the band.

Read on for the BLACKPINK THE GAME Discord Link. Does this game have an official Discord? If yes, then how to join it? We will cover everything related to the BLACKPINK THE GAME Discord Group in this post.

If you want to quickly progress through the game or get the best items possible, you're going to need all help you can get. Lucky for you, that's where codes come in. They're special coupons that you can use in Blackpink the Game to earn free rewards that will give you the boost you're looking for.

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We have Questions from other AppGamers that maybe you can help answer, or you can ask your own to get any help you need with BLACKPINK THE GAME. And of course you can leave a review for the game to let other players know how good it is to play.

Players can secure their free concert tickets in-game beginning July 15 and pre-load the Concert Resource Pack the following day, which is required to attend the concert. From July 19, players will be able to gift in-game promotional material to receive more gifts of promotional material. There will also be unique rewards to win every day by logging into the game and completing themed challenges.

BLACKPINK THE GAME is the new official game of the wildly popular K-pop girl group. This game puts you in charge of their management, as you create a schedule, train the girls, book various publicity appearances and performances for them, and dress them in new clothes to boost their fashionability. You can play various different kinds of puzzle levels, and even run around the overworld map similar to an MMO, finding people and completing tasks.

The most basic element of the game is the scheduling, which has you clearing blocks using various photo cards containing one of the members of the band. These cards also have their own move shape on them, as well as a points value, and your goal is to clear each level and as few moves as possible, using the cards with the highest point value, and earning three stars.

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