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Experience the NGE Era of Star Wars Galaxies with Legends

Getting the Apex Legends download on PS4 is simple - just head to the PSN Store on your PS4 and you can find Apex Legends ready to install under the "Free" tab on the left (it's also currently the headliner under "Featured"). You can also get the process started from your browser: simply visit the Apex Legends PSN Store page, add the game to your cart, and complete your 'purchase' of this free game at checkout. From there, you can even queue up the install from your computer if your PS4 is in Rest Mode. In a surprising move for a multiplayer FPS, you do not need an active PlayStation Plus membership to participate in the online play.

As with the PS4 version, starting the Apex Legends download on Xbox One is as easy as visiting the Store page and getting the download going. You can also visit the Apex Legends Microsoft Store page to add the game to your account, though you'll need to have your Xbox One as one of the linked devices attached to your Microsoft account. You'll also need an active Xbox Live Gold subscription to play online, as is standard on the console.

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