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For the quality of your work, the price is absolutely right! I, for one, am living large in the sonic cinema. So many great themes in these beautiful patches. So much wide screen cinema to discover. cheers


Download Zip:

Not surprisingly, this unique time period resulted in synthesizers that sound like nothing else in the world. Each of them has its own distinct sonic trademark - from militant acid bass to retro pads, warbly, and soft chords, to dusty strings, lo-fi clarinets, psychotic modulations and so much more:

But despite its primitive and slightly cheesy digital processor, the Maestro's filter, effects, and arpeggio sections more than make up for its sound generator's shortcomings. The tremolo and vibrato tastefully soak the synth's output in just the right amount of sonic vodka. Its simple analog filter can generate some squelching Russian acid, and the arpeggio has a slight Crystal Castles (the Atari game) feel. It can generate some nasty pad-like glitchy textures when the rate is bumped up!

The USSR also made some weird percussion synths, and we felt we needed to include some of these. We focused on three: the Formanta UDS, LELL UDS and RMIF ELSITA. These machines have Simmons-style synthesis sections and architecture, but with an aggressive and lo-fi sonic twist.

To enhance the raw sonic quality of these funky little beatboxes, we ran them though some choice outboard gear. Two desks, the API 1608 and Studer 962, allowed us to achieve some needed clipping, and an assortment of compressors and saturators were used for additional punch and coloration. This allowed us to build an assortment of Drum Synth one shots, thus completing our Soviet sampling session. 350c69d7ab


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