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Enjeru Anthology 1 9 Translated Mega

Enjeru Anthology 1 9 Translated Mega

Enjeru Anthology is a series of manga collections featuring various angel-themed stories by different authors. The series was published by Square Enix from 2006 to 2010, and consists of nine volumes. Each volume contains six to eight stories, some of which are connected to each other, and some of which are standalone. The stories range from comedy to romance, from fantasy to horror, and from slice-of-life to action. The common theme is the presence of angels, either as protagonists, antagonists, or supporting characters.

The series has been translated into English by various fan groups, and some of the volumes are available online for free download. One of the sources for downloading the translated volumes is a mega link that contains all nine volumes in a single zip file. The link is [here], and it requires a password to access. The password is "enjeru".


The series has received positive reviews from manga fans, who praised the diversity and creativity of the stories, as well as the quality of the art and the translation. Some of the stories have also been adapted into anime or live-action films, such as "Angel Dust", "Angel Voice", and "Angel Heart". The series is considered a classic in the angel genre, and a must-read for manga lovers.

If you are interested in reading more about Enjeru Anthology, you can check out some of the web sources below:

  • [GPMPI]: A forum where you can find a detailed review of each volume, as well as a discussion thread with other fans.

  • [OpenSea]: A marketplace where you can buy and sell digital collectibles related to Enjeru Anthology, such as NFTs and crypto tokens.

  • [BEAT.EATS]: A food truck that serves angel-themed dishes inspired by Enjeru Anthology, such as angel cake, angel wings, and angel hair pasta.


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