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Where Can I Buy A Spoon Ring [BEST]

People love spoon rings for many reasons. They're beautiful and stylish, and they can showcase a huge variety of silverware cutlery patterns in many different visual styles. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and can include custom engraving, gemstones and more. They represent ecological values of reuse and environmental stewardship. They highlight an improvisational, creative spirit. Because rings are made from old flatware pieces, they also represent a link to the past. Each piece has its own unique history, and the category of jewelry itself has a special story.

where can i buy a spoon ring

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Popular lore explains that, at that time, servants first began to create rings from the cutlery. The servants couldn't afford to buy 'proper' engagement rings when they wanted to get married. Instead, the legend goes, they would steal a flatware piece from their master's home, and shape it into a ring to give their beloved for a marriage proposal. Thus, the earliest spoon rings served as symbols of love and commitment, in defiance of strict social and economic barriers.

Many companies now offer rings based on classic silverware designs, to appeal to the high demand for spoon rings. Even though they may call them 'spoon rings', the larger producers typically are not using genuine flatware. Instead, they're casting new metal pieces based on the old designs. Their jewelry misses the genuine reuse that many Lost & Forged customers value.

here's how to make spoon rings. I've searched the site and cant find an instructable on how to make them, so i thought i would put one up. and sorry about the bad photos, i ain't too good with macro shots

First, pick an existing ring that fits the finger you want the spoon ring to fit, alternatively, you could use a set of THESE, then find a socket that is a snug fit around the inside of the ring, once you find the correct size socket, measure the circumference of it with a tape measure (the cloth type works best) and cut the handle to that length with the wire cutters/tin snips. use a file to round out the edges.

This step can sometimes be hard, depending on the spoon being used.first, take the spoon and lay it on the socket. use a piece of heave fabric to cover it to prevent scratches, and hold with pliers (see pictures) then slowly bend it around the socket. now carefully tap the end flush with the hammer (a rubber mallet works better. but i didn't have one at the time of writing this).

If your spoon was like mine and old and dull you might want to polish it. there are a few ways to do it but i recommend a buffing wheel and a bench grinder. but a little elbow grease, a soft cloth, brasso (tarn x if using a sterling silver spoon) and a LOT of time and patentance will work just fine. now stand back and admire your beautiful creation. if anything was unclear just leave a comment with your question and i'l do my best help you

i have a harbor freight rotary tool, not Dremel. What is a zip cutter and does it fit universal or only dremel? I find those wafer thin cut off wheels just all snap and break before the job gets anywhere near done.

Can you do this on silver-plated wear? i have some beautiful spoons and forks that are silver-plated and they are extremely difficult to bend, scared of snapping them, I have tried heating gently with a blow torch, any ideas?

I have a beautiful stainless steel spoon I wish to make into a toe ring for my big toe. Does this work for this as well? I have a ring sizer and all the mentioned tools. I would like a benchtop vise, to hold socket.

A better picture of the ring, and my fork elephant for the other half of the equation. Tools used for the elephant were tin snips, neddle nose pliers, a cordless drill, and a bench grinder for smoothing (sand paper or some such would work as well). Thanks again to Mr. Mountaineer.

Our website is always available and open 24/7 for your convinience. reJewel spoon rings are hand-made and only locally sourced materials are used. We strive to deliver the best after purchase customer service. PS- We send discount codes and gifts to our customers every now and then ;)

After my mom died, my dad gave me her jewelry box full of all the things that she used to wear. I can remember looking through it after he gave it to me and finding so many things that I could remember my her wearing or remember the stories that she shared about them when we sat on her bed and cleaned out her jewelry box while doing spring cleaning.

They say that "diamonds are a girl's best friend", and if the diamond in question is set in a handcrafted ring, it makes it even more special. Handmade jewellery is your opportunity to own something truly unique that has been crafted by a talented individual. With simple sterling silver bands, bright gemstones, and chunky men's rings, you'll find a huge range of handmade rings to choose from right here.

Choosing a ring for a special someone's birthday can be challenging. A great choice for a personal gift is a birthstone ring. Birthstones are an excellent choice when it comes to jewellery gifts, and a ring that has been handcrafted makes their gift even more special.

For a stunning engagement ring, get them something truly unique with a handcrafted ring. As well as the traditional diamond, there is also a range of other precious stones such as sapphires which make popping the question a breeze.

Handmade rings come in a variety of metals, from white or yellow gold to sterling silver, stainless steel, and copper. Many are designed very simply and hammered bands of gold or silver are a popular choice for wedding bands. You'll find chunky men's stainless steel rings and simple silver bands set with copper and gold inlay. For something truly unique, rings made from recycled materials like vintage coins make the perfect gift.

If you like your rings with a little more bling, you'll find semi-precious stone rings like turquoise, moonstone, labradorite, and opal. From more traditional settings to contemporary style rings, there's something to suit all tastes, so if you need to pick up a turquoise meditation ring for a mindful mate and a modern moonstone ring for your stylish mum, you'll find exactly what you are looking for. 041b061a72


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