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MIUI 12 Super Live Wallpaper APK Download: Customize your phone with the best 3D wallpapers from Xiaomi

Xiaomi Super Wallpaper is a set of live wallpapers that showcase breathtaking, high-quality images of real-life locations such as the Earth, Mars, Saturn, and Mountains. Unlike traditional static wallpapers, Super Wallpapers are dynamic and interactive, responding to user actions like swiping across screens with changing visuals and movements, creating a more immersive and engaging experience for users.

There are now 4 basic categories of super wallpapers available for download right now. One is the good old Earth live wallpaper, second is Mars, next is Saturn, and the newest addition Geometry. You can easily download and install your favorite set onto any smartphone. It can be applied on homescreens or lockscreens; on compatible devices.

miui 12 super live wallpaper apk download

Thanks to developer linuxct, we now also have Super Wallpaper ports for most Android smartphones, tablets, and more. With the live wallpaper mods, you get three categories for Super Wallpapers including always dark, always light, and default for automatic dark mode and light mode switch.

Here are all the original super wallpapers APK from MIUI 12 ROM. These live wallpapers of Earth, Mars, Saturn, Geometry, Snow Mountain, and more have been extracted from the updated MIUI 12 ROM. These live wallpapers may only work on Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO devices running stock MIUI firmware. For more Android devices, download the mods listed below.

The Super Earth, Super Mars, Saturn, Geometry live wallpapers from MIUI 12 ROM have now been ported for all Android devices running Android 10, 9 Pie, 8.1 Oreo, or earlier. Download the APK file from below, extract it to get APKs from the link below, and install them on your devices. You can either use the stock wallpaper picker on your Android device or use the Google Wallpaper app from Play Store. Select it and to apply the wallpapers! Use the following tutorial for that.

While MIUI 12 isn't going to be available anytime soon, thanks to the hardworking people at XDA Developers community, the Super Wallpaper feature can now be installed on other Android smartphones apart from the ones from Xiaomi. Xiaomi has collaborated with NASA to bring these Earth and Mars themed live wallpapers. These wallpapers are unique as they show you an image of the planet from afar on the lockscreen and then zoom in to show you a close up when you unlock the device. Keep reading this guide as we tell you how you can get MIUI 12 live wallpaper apk for your Android smartphone.

Of course, select the latter option and then exit the application. Now you should see the 3D live wallpaper on the homescreen. Further, if you lock the screen and unlock it again, the Super Wallpaper will be applied on the lockscreen as well.

The interactive live wallpapers in MIUI 12 offer an aerial view of Earth and Mars. Well, Xiaomi has partnered with NASA to bring these live wallpapers to life. On the lockscreen, afar view of these two planets is presented, and as you unlock the device, the wallpaper quickly zooms in to the surface.

MIUI 12 also comes with many new wallpapers. Most of them with impressive, premium, and awesome with their unique images. You know that we always share all new wallpapers and themes as soon as possible on our websites. The MIUI 12 comes with a total of 2 preloaded official MIUI 12 Super wallpapers APK. You can download all the collections from the below links. You just need to download the APK File and install them.

3.) So now all the wallpapers are installed, now download Wallpapers App or any live wallpapers picker app. In my case, I have used the wallpapers app from Google, Go to play store download the Wallpapers App.

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Xiaomi has shown off a few key features in MIUI 12 with one of the highlights being Super Wallpapers. These are live wallpapers that start off with a wide shot of a planet (currently showing Earth and Mars), and when your phone is unlocked, zooms in on the planet. While the feature was previously exclusive to MIUI 12 testers, the efforts of an Android enthusiast has now made it possible to download MIUI 12 Super Wallpapers on your daily driver!

If you wish to download all the files for the three wallpapers, you can simply go ahead and download the three subfolders contained in the main folder which is about 1.59 GB in size and comes in a .zip file format, but to save your time and save data as well, you can simply just download the files for only the particular wallpapers that you want, without the need to download everything in the folder.

When MIUI 12 debuted around three months ago, we published a post about a few of its "super" wallpapers being ported to other Android devices. The developer who ported the others, "linuxct" on XDA Forums, has now ported another MIUI 12 wallpaper. This one's called Faraway Rings, and as you might be able to guess, it depicts Saturn's rings.

For all those people who are not able to apply the wallpapers on home screen and lock screen on Mi brand phones:Go to stock Miui wallpapers app and search for live wallpapersApply anyone of them on both and homescreenNow simply go back to apply the super wallpapers using the Google Wallpapers app.

For all those lol people who are not able to apply the wallpapers on home screen and lock screen both :Go to stock Miui wallpapers app and search for live wallpapersApply anyone of them on both lockscreen and homescreenNow simply apply the wallpapers using the Google Wallpapers app.

You must be wondering why do I need to download the new MIUI 12.5 Super Wallpaper? Well, aesthetically speaking, not only does a cool wallpaper give your phone a fresh look, but it also provides you with a different kind of user experience. The instinct of human beings to run behind beautiful and attractive things is what made the release of MIUI 12.5 wallpaper 4k a big thing.

Introduced by Xiaomi as the key feature in their MIUI 12 update, super wallpapers are everything for what you have been waiting for. They have replaced MIUI 12.5 Live wallpaper that has become pretty popular and common.

MIUI 12 super live wallpaper downloads are planets-themed live wallpapers. As for now, only Mars and Earth-themed Super wallpapers have been released. In phone-locked mode, one can see the wide shot of either the Earth or Mars. On unlock, the picture gets further zoomed into the planet.

Apart from this, there are a few other MIUI 12.5 super wallpaper as well. They involve nature(like mountains), some landscapes, and geometric shapes. All of them are visually extremely attractive. Some people find it difficult to use because they appear to be not the best background for lots of icons. The lighting on the mountain keeps on changing throughout the day and this poses usability issues. However, the mountain-based wallpaper has turned out to be the favourite.

MIUI 12.5 Super Wallpapers were initially released for devices that were powered by Snapdragon 8xx. Later on, devs worked to port them on any Android smartphone running on Android 8.1 Oreo or above. As of now, MIUI 12.5 super wallpaper download is available not only on all Mi, Redmi & Poco smartphones but on other Android phones as well.

If you have an Android device apart from Xiaomi, then download Google Wallpapers from the Play Store. All you need to do is install the app and then go to the super wallpaper section. Launch it and, then you can choose your favourite Super Wallpaper.

The new wallpapers are available for download and come with a change. In the previous version of these wallpapers, it would match itself to the system theme. As such, the wallpaper would be either dim or bright, there was no way to get a bright wallpaper on a dark theme and vice versa.

In the latest version provided by linuxct, this issue has been resolved. You can now download the light and dark version. Depending on which look or style suits you, you can easily download and use whichever wallpaper you wish.

In addition to the lighting changes to each live wallpaper, these now work on Android 8.0 devices and over (previously Android 8.1 was needed) and it is now compatible with AOSP-based custom ROMS. Allowing for greater compatibility of the live wallpapers to your phone, if you are on a custom ROM.

MIUI 12 Super Mars and Super-Earth live wallpapers are available for download (link below) for your phone. Also, ported versions of the dynamic wallpapers are available for download, which you can install on any Android phone (run on Android 8 and above) via the Google Wallpaper app.

If you are interested, you can download the live wallpapers for your phone (link below). Apart from the dynamic wallpapers, MIUI 12 official static wallpapers are also available for your phone (download) in full HD resolution.


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