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Automation Studio 5.2 Library 137

while the above answers didn't solve my problem. I finally solved it by specifically going to this link -studio-sdks and download the required sdk for Visual Studio. It was really confusing and i don't understand why but that solved my problem

automation studio 5.2 library 137

In Android Studio, if you open the Design window for the app, there is error message about Gradle being not synched properly. Next to the error, there is a 'Try Again' button. If you click on that, Android studio tries to sycn up again.

(Only for Mac Users)download the gradle file from the link and then close the project then at the front page ,under the creat project option there is option called Import project(Gradle,Eclipse ADT,etc) here you have to select the gradle file which you have downloded earlier .Then restart the Android studio .....hope your problem is solved now

This section describes how to contribute native support for libraries or features used in Spring applications.This can be done either by submitting submit pull requests to Spring Native for the scope supported on, or by providing native support directly at library or application level otherwise.


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